Monday, October 6, 2008

Exercise 23#

I truly struggled at the beginning of this task and felt it was beyond me!
But like all learning experiences, with more familiarity patterns began to emerge and practise gave confidence which increased competence.
As a part timer who never feels there is enough time to complete tasks I don't know when I will use these new tools. But think I will return to earlier tasks and explore them further now I have more confidence with how it all works.
Really enjoyed Zoho Writer and will definitely use that again and no doubt will dip into Myspace now I have an account to check out. Need to explore Flickr further!
The most important thing about all this was the wonderful support from colleagues.
Feel lucky to work with such good people and this certainly makes it easier to attempt new things!
Thank you everyone!

I looked at the articles and can see how useful this networking would be for librarians. Think it would be a wonderful tool for connecting with younger users. My children have very broad networks of friends and keep connected through this technology but being of the "old school" I would prefer to pick up the phone or write a letter!
Exercise 21#

Had a look at the Auckland City Library Bebo, Facebook and Myspace.
Watched the launch of the FQ fashion label and a Nesian Mystic secret concert at the Grey Lynn Library which was really interesting and encouraged me to open a Myspace account.
Don't feel like making cyberspace friends and would certainly not put my own face out there.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Exercise 20#
Searched for Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter"
and found the whole book on-line plus reviews, criticisms
and other readers responses.
Think it would be a fast and easy method for reviewing classics or books
that can't be found in the library.
Really useful, but would always prefer a real book in the hand.
Exercise 19#

Looked at Yahoo audio search and followed a trail to listen to a singer/writer I recently discovered and was able to listen to any tracks I wished. Also read reviews of his work. Think this is a really great tool and can see it would be most useful in libraries.
Looked at Podcast Alley but didn't think it was as user friendly (well this user!)
Think my RSS feed has been added to my bloglines account.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Exercise 18.
Checked out "Conan the librarian". Was curious about what made a cult classic and was not impressed.
I can see that there are many interesting things to view but easy to get lost in cyber wilderness.
Have an aversion to the domination of unattractive North American culture.
Could be a very useful tool for a library website. Can imagine a guided tour of Takapuna Library's Special Collections.